BOSTON - Over the years, you have probably tried a ton of cannolis and an even larger amount of beer. But has the thought ever occurred to you to combine the two tastes into one out-of-this-world delicacy? That is just the spark of creative inspiration that was recently felt between the taste connoisseurs of Mike's Pastry and Harpoon Brewery.

Harpoon Brewery in Boston has announced that they are joining up with the Boston bakery to release a new "cannoli stout," which is a beer that has been brewed with Mike's Pastry's own cannoli shells. The combination of talents added cocoa, lactose, and vanilla to the brewing of the beer, which has been targeted as being one that tastes just like the famous cannoli from Mike's Pastry.

The official release of this stout is slated to come during a party this coming Thursday evening, per CBS. To attend the debut, tickets will be just $25.00 or if you have more patience, you can wait to try the cannoli-flavored beer at home. Retail for the beverage is slated to roll out across New England with a four-pack of the assuredly delicious concoctions coming in at just $13.00.

Mike's Pastry is known for its ability to push the envelope when it comes to unconventional treats for Bostonians to lay their taste buds onto. One of their more notable recent concoctions was that of a chocolate cake, comprised of coffee and mayonnaise. Who would ever think that those two ingredients would be the way forward for a time-honored dessert? But Mike's Pastry is always ahead of the game. It's why they were recently named the favorite baker in the city by Hoodline.

As for Harpoon, they are always looking for the latest collaborations that can rock the world of beer in Boston. For example, just a few days ago, they announced that they were going all-in on dragon fruit with a DragonWeisse beer. Also earlier this year, Harpoon announced an official joint venture with Chris Wagner of the Boston Bruins. Together, they brewed up a "Bruins-themed beer," per

One never knows what can arise when two creative enterprises decide to combine their efforts and produce something truly out of this world. But a cannoli-flavored beer is certainly one that will be worth the venture!

Image via Yelp/Veronica C.