Boston, MA - One of the many perks to living on the East Coast is the extreme proximity to the many different states and cities. According to Boston 25 News, traveling will get a whole lot more efficient pretty soon with the pioneering of the new NY-Boston "air taxi" called the Vy 400. The Boston Based company called Transcend Air Corporation guarantees a convenient 36-minute travel time allowing customers to skip out on the hassle of airports and traffic jams.

The price is comparable to round trip prices at $238 and will seat about six passengers. The vehicle takes off in a vertical fashion similar to that of a helicopter. According to James Holloway in the New Atlas, the model and assets of the aircraft is quite fascinating. Despite the helicopter style movement, Transcend Air claims that the vehicle is actually three times faster, quieter and safer. In the case of an emergency, Vy 400's low weight allows for the use of a whole-aircraft parachute. The company is planning to use existing helipads for arrival and departure.

Transcend Air Corporation is working on creating this aircraft to fly between many more cities like from Los Angeles to San Francisco which is predicted to take 55 minutes.This company is also seeking to move outside of the United States as well, with plans of transporting passengers in Canada from Montreal to Toronto in just an hour for a little over three hundred dollars.The company plans to launch this commuter service in 2024.

By 2020, James Holloway states that anyone will be able to purchase their very own Vy 400 for only $3.5 million. You might be wondering, is such an aircraft even legal? It sure is! As stated on the Transcend Air website, Vy 400 will be FAA-certified corresponding to the same criteria as the standard airplane. Be on the look out for an aircraft near you!