Boston, MA– With the post-season nearing, the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins are aiming to return their respective rosters to full health for what will hopefully result in deep playoff runs for the teams.

The Celtics have waffled back and forth all season between great and mediocre, and it still is not clear what their identity is beyond "underachievers." On the one hand, the old adage of having too many mouths to feed could come into play if certain Celtics have to face limited minutes during the playoffs, but there is no way they should deny the fullest extent of their roster's capabilities.

As of late, the Celtics have faced a couple of near-misses in terms of potentially demoralizing injuries, including a scary one to Al Horford's knee. Thankfully, Horford was able to return quickly and he just recorded a triple-double last night. Aron Baynes also seems to be recovering well from his ankle injury as he has started some games for the Celtics since his return. Head coach Brad Stevens has carefully managed the health of his players by making sure his big names (like Horford and Kyrie Irving) get the rest they need in the stretch run.

As for the Bruins, they have had a hard time staying healthy, but this might be the best they have looked all season. And not a moment too soon! David Pastrnak recently returned from his injury to the tune of a hat trick and Kevan Miller returned to game action on Sunday against the Detroit Red Wings. The Bruins' biggest injury belongs to Chris Wagner, who is day-to-day with a lower body injury, but the team as a whole is doing well now, health-wise.

Lastly, the Red Sox are staring down the barrel at two impending returns for two of their best infielders. World Series MVP Steve Pearce could return as early as this weekend from his calf injury. Meanwhile, second baseman Dustin Pedroia is on the ten-day disabled list and will play a full minor league game today. It's looking like he might make his return sooner rather than later.

Injuries are always going to be part of the sports landscape, but Boston's sports teams are in pretty good shape right now!