BOSTON – In the interest of ignoring the abomination that is the "straight pride" parade coming to Boston, let's instead celebrate this past weekend's pride parade that rolled down the streets of Boston in the name of festivities and joyousness and pride for people of all sexualities, gender identities, and more. Obviously, images can be found all over the Internet from the Boston event on Saturday, especially on Twitter and Instagram, but I wanted to share some of the best images that came across the subreddit that is specific to Boston so we can remember some of the most prideful people who stepped out in the Hub this weekend.

The colorful event progressed in Boston with the theme of "Looking Back, Loving Forward." The theme was meant to honor the forty-ninth pride parade and all the others that came before it, as well as look ahead to next year's fiftieth annual pride parade, which is sure to be an even bigger affair. The parade this year began on Clarendon Street and concluded at City Hall Plaza and there were plenty of cheerful faces to see along the way.

River of Pride from boston

One of the best shots of the day came from u/randomibis as it depicted the pride flag forming something akin to a pride river that cascaded down the streets of Boston with a majestic sense of flow as many marchers helped support the flag.

A gay priest at Boston Pride! Un sacerdote gay en la Parada de Orgullo LGBT+ en Boston! from boston

One image that definitely went viral came from u/pepthor and it was captioned, "A gay priest at Boston Pride!" The image definitely brought a smile to my face and the person instantly became one of the most beloved parade marchers.

Protect and Serve it from boston

An image by Craig F. Walker was also shared by u/rabblebowser of a Boston police officer adorned with a pride flag during his work of the day.

Happy Pride ?️‍? from boston

One of my favorite images came from u/Lch2008 and it just showed how beautiful the day was and how seamlessly the festivities of the parade blended with the gorgeous look of the city.

Happy Pride Month from boston

In addition to the parade, the Prudential also lit up with the rainbow colors to celebrate Pride Month, thanks to this amazing shot from u/wellesleyyan.

Photo by Cecilie Johnsen on Unsplash