Springfield, MA - This past Friday was going to be a good start to the weekend in Springfield, Massachusetts, or so the Mardi Gras on Dwight Street thought.

On January 25, 2019, the local strip joint located on Dwight Street in Springfield threw an illegal marijuana-related party. Prior to the start of the party, Springfield police had been tipped off that the event was going to happen.

Officers from the Springfield station made their way over the party Friday night. The undercover detectives allegedly bought marijuana from two of the vendors selling at the party. According to reports, there were approximately forty vendors and one hundred and fifty customers in attendance. As soon as the detectives purchased the marijuana, they left the location. A short while later, they returned, announced their arrival, and arrested the two vendors that sold them marijuana. After the police arrested Alissa Nowak, age 24 of Bellingham, and Hemant Shani, age 35 of Springfield, they continued to seize the rest of the marijuana that was present at the strip club.

After doing an extensive investigation, Springfield police found that both Nowak and Shani did not have a license to sell marijuana through the Cannabis Control Commission. Mayor Dominic Sarno came forward to speak about the occurrence, stating that the club is to be sent for many hearings to determine if they can keep all of their licenses.  

In addition to the arrest of the two vendors and the seizure of the marijuana, the two officers also seized approximately $3,800 in cash from the Mardi Gras strip joint. Most of the incident happened at approximately 10 p.m. on Friday night on the third floor of the building.

Both vendors that were arrested, Nowak and Shani, were charged with Distribution of Class D drugs. In addition, the court will look at the charge for the two vendors regarding the distribution of the drugs. Arraignment was scheduled for this week and the outcome has yet to be released.

No one was harmed during the party and the officers had no trouble arresting the two vendors. It is unclear if, and how long, the strip club will be closed for.