BOSTON - ICE’s Boston Division has chosen to ignore letters written by the Supreme Judicial Court, asking them to stop deporting suspects in the midst of court trials.

Back in October of 2019, the Supreme Judicial Court made their first request with a letter addressed to Marco Charles, the acting field officer, who never responded, per Chief Justice Ralph Gants. The request came after ICE deported 13 individuals in the midst of their trials, as shared by Masslive.

Now after no response by the ICE office, a second deportation has occurred this past January. The suspect, Anibal Maldonado, who was on trial for cocaine trafficking was released on his own recognizance but then taken into ICE custody and sent back home to the Dominican Republic.

“We hope that this most recent deportation is a departure from ICE policy rather than consistent with it,” Gants wrote in a letter addressed to Todd Lyons, acting field director for ICE Boston’s Enforcement and Removals Operations. “It certainly is an affront to justice.”

“Now, if the district attorney wishes to pursue this prosecution, she must seek the assistance of the Department of Justice and the Department of State to extradite the defendant back to Massachusetts from the Dominican Republic,” Gants wrote.

Gants repeated request and the latest letter comes on the heels of ICE’s increased efforts to capture and deport “immigration fugitives.”

As part of those efforts, ICE has asked for the public’s help with a focus on detaining those who have been aided by “sanctuary cities.”

As of Friday, U.S. Border Patrol took roughly 100 officers from the southern border to help detain those protected by sanctuary cities.

Image via Wikimedia Commons