Boston, MA - Hurricane Florence has recently weakened, but it’s predicted to strengthen again with the potential to hit the East Coast this upcoming week.

This past Wednesday, Hurricane Florence was named the first major hurricane of 2018’s hurricane season. Florence’s winds reached up to 130 mph this week, making it a Category 4 hurricane.

As of now, the hurricane is approximately 1,500 miles from the East Coast.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Florence weakened to a Category 1 hurricane as of yesterday at 5 p.m. It’s likely that the hurricane’s wind shear will weaken over the weekend, but it seems as if it will pick back up to a Category 3 hurricane or higher by the beginning of next week.

It’s too early to tell if the hurricane will surely hit the East Coast or if it will turn out to sea. Even still, meteorologists are spotting some troubling signs on the computer models that they use to predict such storms. Supposedly, both American and European models of the computer systems are showing signs of the hurricane coming dangerously close to the coast. Though some other tracking devices seem to say the hurricane is likely to drift off, still others say the hurricane will come close enough to have an impact on us.

According to sources, Florence will be tracked south of Bermuda, therefore leaving us with nasty surf conditions and heavy winds. Rough waves are likely to come up on the shore as early as this weekend.

If you’re feeling a little shaky about the storm, rest assured that approximately 75 storms similar to this one have been within a 200-mile radius of Florence’s location and still have not hit the East Coast. These records go back to when hurricanes were first being tracked back in the 1850’s. Still, meteorologists want to warn the citizens of the areas that the storm could potentially hit, just in case preparations will be required.

Even if Florence does end up turning out to sea, we can’t let our guard down yet. With hurricane season’s peak being on Monday, we need to understand we’re not in the clear yet. According to sources, there are other storms developing over the Atlantic that are being monitored now. Some of them are likely to turn into tropical storms over the next few days.