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Hundreds of New Bluebikes Added to Bike Sharing Program Around Boston

Hundreds of New Bluebikes Added to Bike Sharing Program Around Boston

Boston, MA– When I first moved to Boston back in 2013, I lived near Northeastern and I would ride my bike everywhere. To work, to school, didn't matter. However, back then, Boston wasn't a great city for biking. Protected bike lanes were sparse, drivers didn't take any particular caution to avoid hitting bikers, and I didn't see many other people riding around. Nowadays, I need a car to commute to work, so it's with slight annoyance that I see our city become more and more bike friendly every year.

In 2011, Boston's bike sharing program, Bluebikes, was officially launched. If you walk downtown, you'll spot tourists and locals alike going for rides on these bikes. So it's no surprise they continue to expand. Today, the mayor's office announced that 50 new bike stations will be added to the city's fleet, which will add 540 new bikes total. Boston's Bluebikes expansion will take the total of bikes in the city to 2,400 by the end of this year.

"I am excited to be expanding our Bluebikes program to allow for even more of our residents and visitors to take advantage of our bike infrastructure, which we're continuing to prioritize by building new protected bike lanes throughout Downtown and our neighborhoods," said Mayor Walsh.

The new stations are slated to be established in southern Dorchester, east Roslindale, and West Roxbury. Major funding for this program comes from health insurance provider Blue Cross Blue Shield, which sponsors the bike program. Their CEO spoke of the need for the bikes in a rapidly expanding city where people need to get around quickly: "We're proud to be contributing to bike share access expansion throughout Metro Boston, especially in communities where there is high demand for new transportation options," said Andrew Dreyfus, President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

One-way rides are $2.50, 24-hour passes are $10, and annual passes are $99. As the weather gets nicer and nicer, I highly recommend going out for some bikes rides. I prefer my own bike, but with Bluebikes, at least you don't need to worry about storing a bike in your fourth floor walkup. In the end, more bikes in this city can only be a good thing. Happy riding!

Image Credit: Bluebikes