BOSTON – Every year in August, before the new school year begins, The Princeton Review releases its “Best Colleges” list that comes about after surveys are conducted throughout the United States. Over 140,000 students who attend U.S. colleges are surveyed about the various categories that Princeton feels are of note and their responses are categorized into rankings so the burgeoning student population knows which schools are the best for various categories.

The list has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and it has become one of the definitive sources for collegiate rankings in the U.S. NBC’s Today morning show tends to host celebrations for some of the more fun categories, while also providing a run-down of the major ones. Even Late Night with Seth Meyers has picked up stories on the Princeton Review because of its notoriety.

Obviously, Massachusetts is a great state for education, but the question is: how did the state fare this year on the slew of categories provided by the Princeton Review?

For one, the major takeaway is UMass Amherst. The flagship campus of the state ranked number one in terms of the best campus food for the fourth consecutive year! As someone who has experienced the food at UMass, I have to say that the ranking is absolutely accurate.

Unfortunately, UMass also polled highly in terms of low political awareness among college students, ugly campus aesthetics, and inaccessible professors. But, hey, the food is great, right?

Conversely, Simmons University came in at number four on the list that ranks schools by how inedible their food is. Simmons students, let it be known that UMass will always be here to welcome you to good dining. (Additionally, Simmons students were ranked second in the country for unhappiness. Maybe it’s the food.)

Additionally, Bentley and Northeastern finished third and fourth respectively in Princeton’s list of the schools with the best career services available. And on an even more positive note, Northeastern and Suffolk, both schools from the Boston area, ranked in the top ten for best surrounding city. Go Boston!

Image via Flickr / Tim Sackton