Somerville, MA - In the four short months since they’ve opened, Somerville’s Bow Market has made a name for itself by providing Union Square with some of the most unique independent retailers and food stops the greater Boston area has to offer. From Buenas Taqueria to the highly anticipated second location of Saus, Bow Market has played a role in helping to redefine Union Square from the faux-Irish bars and takeout pizza joints some of us remember into a thriving community of successful and innovative food retailers.

Now it’s about to offer a new take on a New England standard with the opening of Hooked Fish Shop next Friday, September 21st.

A cooperative between Jason Tucker—whose Red’s Best products have been a staple at various Boston area farmers’ markets for several years—and Jimmy Rider, Hooked promises sustainable, locally sourced seafood on sale as well as creative and street food-inspired ready-to-eats.

“We want the menu to be creative, quick, and affordable,” said Tucker, who will also serve as chef.

The preliminary menu includes such items as a tuna confit slider, a Brazilian whitefish soup, bluefish pate on bagels from Iggy’s Bread, tuna ceviche as well as a more traditional raw bar selection.

“We’re hoping to provide Union Square with the freshest, highest quality seafood, with our primary focus on local fish,” said Rider.

Both Red’s Best and Boston Smoked Fish Company products will be on sale at Hooked, but for those of you at a distance from Union Square fret not; both will remain regular fixtures at farmers’ markets and local fish shops.

Hooked will be open from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm starting next Friday, September 21st with weekend hours from 11:00 am. to 9:00 pm.

Hooked Fish Shop is located at 1 Bow Market Way in Somerville. For more information, visit