Cambridge, MA - Danehy Park was considered one of the safest places in the city to go to until an unresponsive man was found there earlier this week.

This past Thursday, police officials had started a homicide investigation within Danehy Park. The investigation was launched after a 60-year-old man named Paul Wilson was found beaten to death. Reports stated that Wilson had been living nearby.

On Thursday afternoon, a press conference was scheduled, where Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan came forward to give a statement. Ryan had told the public that the incident had no robbery intent, according to the results of the investigation. There was, however, blunt force trauma involved in the incident.

Investigators have still not concluded whether the incident was a random attack or a targeted one.

Wilson was found in the park on Wednesday, January 2, 2018, at approximately 7:00 p.m. by a random passerby. The passerby immediately called for medical attention, and Wilson later died during the transport to the local hospital.

Investigators claim that there was a baseball bat found near Wilson, but they are unsure if this was the weapon used to attack the victim. All officials can say now is that he had sustained very serious head trauma.

Police officials are asking for as much help as they can get during this investigation. If the public knows anything, they are encouraged to come forward. Wilson would have been wearing shorts and a red coat, measuring in at 6 feet 6 inches tall. According to reports, Wilson had walked through this park several times throughout the week to get to and from his job in Cambridge.

Many neighbors and residents are alarmed, especially considering this specific park has not seen any violent acts in nearly 10 years. The community will be planning a meeting soon for whoever would like to attend.

The Cambridge anonymous tip line can be reached at 617-349-3359, for anyone who is interested in giving up even the littlest bit of knowledge they have on the matter.