Lynn, MA - Would be robbers realized they picked the wrong house when the homeowner pulled a machete out on them in Lynn, Massachusetts. The homeowner continued to point the machete towards the two robbers until the police showed up on site.

Homeowner Evan Luongo told police officials that he was listening to some meditation music in order to fall asleep when the two men broke into his home. The incident happened around 8 p.m. when the two robbers broke the glass of Luongo’s window to enter the house.

Luongo then immediately grabbed his machete and went on to investigate who was in his home. As he turned into his office, he found two teenage boys, one holding a BB gun and the other holding a knife. Luongo pulled his machete up and pointed it at the two teenagers, telling them to drop to the floor and drop their weapons. Both boys did exactly that, and that’s when Luongo telephoned the police. He stood there with his machete until the police officers arrived.

Luongo stated in his report that he had a shaved head and a crazy beard. He went on to say he works out a lot, climbs many mountains, and runs races often. In addition, Luongo is covered in tattoos. When the incident happened, he had been in his underwear, and he stated on record that, “I think most people are going to comply with that guy.”

When the police officers arrived on scene, they arrested the two boys. Adelson Fedna, age 19, and another 16-year-old Malden teen were arrested immediately. They were then charged with armed burglary.

Luongo found that nothing was taken or misplaced. The only actual harm the two boys did was the breaking of the glass of one of the windows. No one was physically harmed during the incident and the boys did not give the police officers a hard time when it came time to be arrested.

No further information has been released regarding court dates or sentences granted. Statements on behalf of the two boys are yet to be released and may not be released at all.