We previously reported that Al Horford would be a key component to the Celtics' roster going forward, which means, of course, that talks fell through late Tuesday and Horford will likely become a free agent. [NBC Sports]

This sounds like a lead-in to a tasteless joke playing on regional stereotypes, but in all seriousness: Boston has a major trash problem. [WBUR]

It's started to feel distinctly summer-ish lately, which means it's time for that old Boston warm-weather classic: lane closures and road work. It's fine, your commute was probably too easy and this will give you a chance to catch up on your favorite podcasts and work on that mindfulness you've heard is so good for you. [Boston.com]

Boston Public Schools have announced that they will provide free menstrual products to students starting next school year. Considering that menstruation and the stigma surrounding it can put huge amounts of stress on the teenagers who first experience it (there was even a documentary on this subject that just won an Oscar), this seems like a smart move. [WBUR]

For the sixth year in a row, Children's Hospital was rated the best pediatric hospital in the nation. Truly, there is no title this city can't win. Roll out the duck boats! [Boston.com]