Massachusetts to Sue Trump Administration for Dismantling the Endangered Species Act.
Yesterday, the White House announced that it would end protections for species recently classified as "threatened" and will permit authorities to take into account the economic impact in determining whether or not to enforce protections. Attorney General Maura Healey tweeted the state's intent to sue. [CBS Boston]

How Many Massachusetts Residents Would Be Impacted By New Immigration Rule?
On Monday, the Trump Administration introduced a new immigration rule, expanding the data points that federal immigration officers can look at when evaluating how likely it is that a person will become dependent on government assistance. Someone's status as a "public charge" could make them less likely to be allowed to remain in the country. This new policy could discourage immigrants from using programs like food stamps, for fear of deportation. Approximately half a million people in Massachusetts could be impacted. [WBUR]

New Orange Line Trains Are Finally Getting Rolled Out.

Starting tomorrow, the ride will be a little more pleasant for Orange Line riders. After several delays, the new cars are ready to begin carrying passengers and will be in operation starting August 14th. [WCVB]

She Has a Plan and a Goal: Reduce Gun Violence By 80%.
Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren announced her plans for reducing gun violence along with a specific goal: to reduce gun deaths by 80% through new legislation and gun safety laws. [WBUR]

Jewish Groups Rally in Protest of the Treatment of Immigrants at the Border.
On Sunday, during Tisha B’av, a traditional day of mourning on the Jewish calendar, Jewish groups gathered outside the JFK Federal Building in Boston to protest the separation of families at immigrant detention centers on the border. [Boston Globe]

Video of Framingham Police Raid Raises Questions.
An investigation is underway after Framingham police entered a house to "secure" it before they had a search warrant. As the officers make their way into the house, the video shows a dog lunging at an officer, who then threatened to shoot the animal.  [Patch]

Man Arrested for Attacking an MBTA Bus Driver.
According to police reports, Garcia Lewis, 43, of Mattapan became angry when the bus driver did not immediately stop when he hit the stop button. He  allegedly punched the driver in the face "10 or 12 times." [CBS Boston]

Want a Cool License Plate Number?
The RMV is holding a lottery for cool plate numbers such as B1, 3000, 27A and K5. You can apply online through August 23rd, but you can't request a specific plate, so I'm not sure who's getting excited about this. I guess you can make up your own story as to why your license plate says "A1 SOS." [Patch]

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash