Suspicious Packages Investigated By Boston Police Were Part of Marketing Campaign.
On Saturday, Boston Police investigated several anonymous boxes with notes that said "Open Me." One was destroyed by the bomb squad before police determined it was part of a marketing campaign. A group called "Snoopos" says it planted these boxes – which contained money – around the world as part of a "social experiment." [UniversalHub]

She Has a Plan for That.
Following the shootings a week ago in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren unveiled her plan for gun control through higher taxes on bullets and firearms. She would also create a federal licensing system for firearms purchases. [CNBC]

Marty Walsh Signs Letter to Federal Government Urging Gun Control Measures.
A bipartisan letter from over 200 mayors, including Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, urges the federal government to pass legislation to reduce gun violence. []

Data Visualization of Murders in Boston from 2015-2019.
This map shows a time lapse of murders in Boston over the past five years. Roxbury and Mattapan are the neighborhoods with the most murders, followed by Dorchester. [YouTube / Tempus]

Sections of the Red, Orange, and Green Lines to Shut Down on Weekends This Fall.
The MBTA announced that it plans to repair sections of the Red, Orange, and Green Lines this fall, which would result in closures of certain lines on the weekends. The T would provide replacement shuttle buses. The plan will be presented at a board meeting today. [Boston Globe]

More Things to Worry About at the Beach (Besides Sharks).
A 13-year-old boy was impaled by a beach umbrella that had been blown up into the air at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester this weekend. He was hospitalized with a serious injury to his shoulder. Lifeguards and an off-duty nurse sprang into action to stop the bleeding with a beach towel. [NBC Boston]

Goodbye to the Magic Tunnel from Clarendon Street to I-90 Westbound...
Due to low usage (75% fewer cars than nearby on-ramps at Arlington Street and Dartmouth Street) and higher crash rates, the I-90 Westbound on-ramp at Clarendon Street will be permanently closed as of September 3rd. [MassDOT]

Save the Date: Pokémon-Themed Pop-Up PokéBar Coming May 23-24, 2020.
It's only in Boston for the weekend, so sign up for your pre-release tickets and tell your cousin you can't come to her wedding because you'll be dressed up as Pikachu, eating Charmander burgers. [Eater]

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Ben Schumin