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Has Elizabeth Warren Already Lost Her Voice in the State of Iowa?

Has Elizabeth Warren Already Lost Her Voice in the State of Iowa?

Boston, MA - Elizabeth Warren, the Boston-based Democratic presidential candidate 2020 ... literally ... lost her voice, sources said. The Massachusetts senator was said to be growing horse only 24 hours after she began campaigning in Iowa.

Elizabeth Warren approached a large group of people on Saturday, January 5, 2018, where she had admitted to having a cold. Because of this sickness, Warren decided to deliver a shortened version of the speech, warning her listeners that she was sick prior to the deliverance of the speech. She did, however, say in her reasoning to having a cold, that it was most likely due to her spending, “Too much time with little people.” A spokesperson for the senator later came forward to state that Warren meant her grandchildren. This may have been misinterpreted someway, but the spokesperson tried clearing up the matter, stating that Warren had been with her grandchildren throughout the holidays.

On the other hand, listeners in Iowa may have not understood the way Warren had meant it. According to reports, Warren had recently given her campaign speech to Council Bluffs, Sioux City, and Storm Lake. The “little people” comment was not supposed to be interpreted as these towns, according to Warren’s spokesperson. In all of these towns, Warren had given her speech to overflowing rooms of people. She had also spoken to many overflowing crowds before her main campaign speeches.

In the opening of her speech given a few blocks away from the state’s capital, Warren decided to change her wording. She addressed the 700 or so people in the room with first stating that she was battling a cold. This time, she stated that she had good news and bad news; the bad news was that Warren had a cold, the good news was that she was going to continue to persist.

Warren was the first Democratic presidential candidate to visit Iowa in 2019. Her final Iowa campaign stop will be held in Ankeny this Sunday, January 13, 2018.