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Hanley Ramirez Likely Innocent / Victim in Drug Bust, Sources Suggest

Hanley Ramirez Likely Innocent / Victim in Drug Bust, Sources Suggest

Boston, MA - Hanley Ramirez, one of our beloved former Boston Red Sox players, was likely the victim in a slander case relating to a recent drug bust. Suspects allegedly tried to use his name in an attempt to avoid arrest. This federal and state drug investigation turned sour overnight, but luckily Ramirez is seemingly at fault for anything his friend accused him of.

This amazing baseball player, known for hitting clutch home runs, standing his ground as the first baseman, and being a motivational leader in the locker room, has escaped a horrible, drama driven fate. Just this past Friday, he was blamed for something he had absolutely nothing to do with. Oddly enough, the situation he was blamed for occurred in April, and only just came to our attention as a problem recently.

Let’s take a closer look.

Last Friday, Michelle McPhee of ABC news tweeted a little piece of information we didn’t know existed, for the entire world to know. In summary, she claimed that the Red Sox player had some issues his fans knew nothing about. This was the first we knew about a suggested so called federal and state drug investigation. We were then told to stay tuned, and hope for the best within the upcoming days.

Now, let’s take it back to the day the start of the investigation actually took place.

A few weeks ago, in April to be exact, one of Ramirez’s friends was driving down the highway in western Massachusetts when he was stopped by a State trooper. While the friend was pulled over, he was asked by the State police officer to exit the vehicle, and grant permission for a search of the Jeep to take place. To give the officer what he wanted without aggravation, the friend graciously allowed him to search his Jeep.

As the search took place, the officer found a box in the vehicle, which the friend claimed was not his. In fact, he put the ownership of the box on Ramirez, claiming it was the former Red Sox players’, and that he was not in a place of authority to grant permission to look inside the box. When hearing this story, many people wondered if the friend used this as an attempt to get out of the authorized search.

In what’s assumed to be an attempt to get out of the search, Ramirez’s friend offered to FaceTime Hanley. Once Ramirez picked up the call, his friend handed the phone over to the police offer and gave them the chance to converse about the situation. Unfortunately for the friend, Ramirez told the truth, and claimed that he had no idea what was actually in the box. With that being said, Ramirez gave full permission for the officer to open the box.
Ramirez was not prepared for what the officer was about to find in the box: Two kilograms of the drug known as fentanyl. While this was an ill attempt to draw the police officer’s attention towards the possibility of Ramirez carrying drugs, it did not work. Ramirez was allegedly found innocent at the end of this horrible situation.

As of the time of this article's release, some major publications are still running stories of the false accusations.

It’s safe to say that the first reports of Hanley Ramirez being blamed for this drug bust were inaccurate, and even careless. Luckily, Ramirez has never had a bad reputation when it came to drugs, making it easier for his fans to understand the misconception and not believe the misconstrued lies.

Even still, many people, even fans, had a hard time believing that this wasn’t the reason the Red Sox let Ramirez go. Well, it’s safe to say that the entire team actually had no idea about the potential investigation until reports surfaced this past Friday. They went on to tell the public that letting go of Ramirez was a baseball decision, and that it had absolutely nothing to do with the possibility of him being involved in any sort of drug bust.

To further the Red Sox team’s statement, Ramirez stood up for himself and the team via Twitter on Sunday night. He claimed that leaving the Red Sox was a personal decision, due to the fact that he had missed his family and wanted to spend more time with them. He has truly enjoyed his time with all of them recently, and greatly appreciates all of his fans that resisted spreading such awful, untrue rumors about him.

In fact, ever since Ramirez was released from the team on June 1st, he has not signed with another. He plans to keep it this way for the time being.