BOSTON – Of all the most popular chefs in the world right now, few seem to be as accessible to mass audiences as Guy Fieri. The host of the popular Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Fieri has made his mark as a chef who not only makes good food, but makes food that would be easily beloved by a majority of American people. As such, he has long since taken to the restaurant industry and has become a purveyor of many popular chains, including my personal favorite, the delicious Chicken Guy restaurant.

While Fieri is not a newcomer to the food scene in Massachusetts (he previously opened shop at Foxwoods with Guy Fieri’s Foxwood Kitchen and Bar), his new restaurant might be the biggest and best New England endeavor that he has yet undertaken.

Tequila Cocina, Fieri's first official restaurant in Boston, is slated to open its doors for the first time at five o'clock this Thursday. For those of you keeping track at home, that means that Tequila Cocina will serve its first customers on Halloween night. Sounds like it could get spooky, but it also sounds like it's bound to be a delicious dalliance with Boston cuisine!

Opening at the Hub on Causeway, Tequila Cocina is meant to be a street food style restaurant that will specialize in Mexican and Latin food. Quick-service options in the slate of Mexican eats include tacos, pork belly, and corn. For larger dishes, there will be traditional Latin samplings, including steak and molcajete, but no matter what, there is something to satisfy the taste buds of everyone in your group.

Of course, the menu would be incomplete if it did not also address a major part of the restaurant's namesake. Tequila Cocina will definitely have plenty of tequila options in its projected raw bar. Over one hundred different kinds of tequila will be available, including the one curated by Fieri himself, which is known as Santo Tequila Blanco.

The food landscape will change forever in Boston in just two days. We welcome Guy Fieri with open arms.

Image via Flickr / Mike Mozart