Foxborough, MA - In the two weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowl in the NFL, there are always a flurry of traditions to help build anticipation for the big game. From the Pro Bowl to send-off events and from practices to NFL awards, there is a lot to pay attention to when it comes to the New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Rams, and the impending big game. But the biggest tradition always comes in the form of the Super Bowl Media Day when the players, coaches, and other notable figures have podiums set up around the stadium with the goal of ensuring that media members ask their questions then, rather than bothering them throughout the week while they prepare for the league championship.

As always, there was a lot of fun soundbites and things to learn from the Patriots on Media Day, a tradition that more and more of the team has been accustomed to over the past three seasons.

For one, a couple Patriots have retirement on the mind. It's far from Tom Brady's ideas, but Devin McCourty mentioned that he does not know how winning it all with his brother, Jason, on the team could ever be topped, and Rob Gronkowski said he would take a couple weeks to mull over retirement when the season is over. It's odd to think that Patriots are already thinking into the future like that, but they can't help the questions they are asked.

Dante Scarnecchia, the Patriots' offensive line coach, however said he would return in the 2019-20 season! And in a particularly hype-worthy moment, Dont'a Hightower told reporters that he is more than ready for the Rams running backs (a corps that consists of league best Todd Gurley).

In a series of heartfelt questions, as well, a lot of Patriots mentioned that they are still supporting suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon. Philip Dorsett, in particular, remarked that it was "heartbreaking" to be at the Super Bowl without Gordon. New England will no doubt keep Gordon in mind when playing for it all this Sunday night.