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Greg Schiano Unexpectedly Steps Down from Defensive Coordinator Post

Greg Schiano Unexpectedly Steps Down from Defensive Coordinator Post

Foxborough, MA Just days after the New England Patriots announced the hiring of former linebacker Jerod Mayo as the new linebackers coach for the team, the coaching leader on defense has abruptly stepped down from his post.

Not even two months ago, the Patriots announced that they had signed Greg Schiano to an important role within the framework of the franchise and though they never officially announced that Schiano would be the team's new defensive coordinator, it was widely believed that this would be the role he would assume for the team. Defense has never been a strong suit for New England, especially as of late, but the 2018-19 season was a different story as Brian Flores stepped in for Matt Patricia and pulled off a defensive scheme in Super Bowl LIII that gave the Patriots a supremely unconventional championship.

Flores, of course, joined the Miami Dolphins as their head coach and Schiano was hired, presumably to fill that void.

He will not be fulfilling this obligation, however, because Schiano and head coach Bill Belichick announced in a joint statement late last night that Schiano was resigning because he wants to spend more time connected to his faith and to his family. In the announcement, Belichick gave Schiano his complete support and appreciation.

Schiano has had a rocky coaching history as he almost became the head coach at the University of Tennessee, but was turned away after fan protests for the role Schiano played in Penn State's scandal involving Jerry Sandusky. It was not clear if this played any role in the resignation of Schiano, but there certainly seems to be something else going on behind the scenes.

As for who might replace Schiano and take over the role of defensive coordinator, there is no obvious replacement for the position and there are no current rumors or reports of the Patriots targeting any coaches. However, Belichick himself might end up taking on the additional responsibilities of coordinating the defense, as he does have experience in that arena.

Whatever the answers to any of these questions are, it certainly was a surprising development for the reigning Super Bowl champions.