BOSTON - We all enjoy complaining about the T. In particular, the trolley-style Green Line gets a lot of abuse due to it's slow speed, screeching sounds, and the fact that it has to stop for red lights (seriously, how is that still a thing!?)

However, things became dangerous on Saturday when a D line train derailed off the tracks at 11:00 AM. 10 people were transported to the hospital, with none of the injuries deemed to be life-threatening. "We had a total of 10 patients. Nine were transported to area hospitals, varying in severity of injuries. Overall, all the patients that we saw today will have a positive outcome," said Steve McHugh, of Boston EMS.

WHDH spoke to a passenger who was on the train about how many people she saw get injured: “I couldn’t get a good idea. I think there were, in my group, there was about eight people sitting down, waiting for the EMTs,” he said. “But I don’t know about the rest.”

There were major delays due to the derailment, with most green line trains delayed around 30 minutes. But the cause of the derailment is not yet known “Obviously this is not the service that we want to run. Our first priority here at the MBTA is safety,” Poftak said. “We are going to conduct a full investigation into this derailment.” The MBTA has since ruled out both mechanical and infrastructural failure.

Perhaps the most harrowing quote comes from Antonio Carreiro who works nearby the incident: "About three or four people on stretchers. One young lady, she had some blood – nothing major but some blood on her face," he said. "It was shocking, especially today with everything going on the baseball game and the parade."

We wish a speedy recovery to all those injured, and stay posted for an explanation for MBTA about how this happened.

Image via Wikimedia / MBTA