Boston, MA - Anyone who takes public transportation in Boston knows that the Green Line is well-known for its somewhat slow transportation and lack of acknowledgeable changes. This week, howver, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Association (known as the MBTA) has made progress in adding additions to its system and making it much more accessible for places throughout the Greater Boston Area.

The Green Line, specifically, with its current transit system, pictured below, is well known for being very difficult to follow a set schedule and isn’t the best for getting to places that is not within the Allston-Brighton area. There have been various project in mind, however, tat may make it a better system for getting to areas throughout various parts of the system.

Green Line Extention

One project, in specific, has been trying to make the public transport system accessible to the Medford and Somerville area— a great addition for people who love Market Basket, outlet malls, and new neighborhoods to explore.

The addition to the Green Line, which is projected to be open and accessible to all users of rthe MBTA in 2021, is a 4.7 mile extension that adds various stops throughout six different extensions through additional 24 new train cars— which aims to add rail service varying from the current Lechmere Station nearby the Cambridge Side Galleria Mall to the Cambridge, Medford and Somerville area. The grant that sponsors this installment of the Green Line in a $996 million dollar project being funded by the Full Funding Grant Agreement which is a project through the Federal Transit Administration that covers programs throughout the city’s widespread transit system that was established in January 2015.

This specific Green Line Extension project will extend the Green Line’s rail line on two branches— that includes the construction of seven new stations, the replacement or uptaking of current stations on eight various places like bike paths or bridges. It’s expected to add abou 40,000 new transit trips a day, by allowing passengers coming from Somerville and Medford (especially places like Tufts University that brings interns with wild potential) to reach the downtown Boston area.

This has created wild excitement in the new neighborhoods, with even Joseph Curtatone, the current Mayor of Somerville commenting on it saying “The Green Lone Exntension project will add more than $3 billion of economic revenue activitiy over the next two decades. Folks, I submit this a damn good project and long awaited.” Even the previous Mayor of Somerville, U.S Representative Michael Capuano has added “I swore publicly that I would never come o another groundbreaking of the Green Line because I had already been to three. Today is different because this one is real. It’s been a long term coming.” This projects, as seen through the various rulers of the Somerville neighborhood, are super amazing, as it allows a stronger connection to be made between the Greater Boston Area and the population of outsider suburban’s, adding a whole new level of accessibility and excitability.

Please comment on your hopes and perhaps fears of this extension project. And, don’t forget, you’re always allowed to petition to the representatives in charge for what projects you want to see come to fruition and what projects you want to create adaptations for.