CAPE COD - In the summer of 1975, Jaws made people headed to the beach nervous. The idea of being eaten by a shark was enough to send even the most Patrick Swayzean surfers packing for dry land and safety. In Massachusetts, where Jaws was set and filmed, this was doubly true. Now, in 2019, the sharks are making their return. Well, at least three sharks are, as a great white shark was spotted in Cape Cod.

According to Jim Horne, a local harbormaster, three great white sharks were spotted off the coast of Monomoy Island recently. One of the great white sharks was seen feasting on a seal in the early hours of the morning. This comes after the bodies of seals had been reported to have washed up on the beach over the weekend.

It's not unusual to spot sharks off of Cape Cod this time of year as the water gets warmer. Per Horne, the sharks are almost exclusively found wherever the population of seals is. Currently, the whereabouts are unknown, but says that they are at least five miles from any spot where they could present a danger to swimmers or beachgoers. That's definitely a plus, but sharks and seals also have the ability to swim, so that whole "five miles away" concept might only last for so long.

Let's just hope that if this shark becomes too much of a danger for civilians, local law enforcement will actually shut down the beaches and learn from the mistakes of the characters in Jaws. Steven Spielberg warned us!