Boston, MA - Governor Charlie Baker gave his second inaugural address this past Thursday, January 3, 2018. In that address, he had asked his people to have patience with him, as he is planning to fix many things in his upcoming term, including working on the education system, the transportation system, housing issues, and health care problems.

When speaking about the issues named above, Baker had stated that many state leaders have tried tackling these issues in the past. He gave said leaders credit, but he also acknowledged that taking on matters of such importance will take time and patience. For instance, he stated, though we have the highest rate of health care coverage in the nation, that doesn’t mean it didn’t come without a long wait. Baker stated that getting such great health care coverage was a battle that took almost two decades to fight. He had also stated that the state’s gun laws and education system for grades Kindergarten through 12 will take a good amount of time, too.

For starters, Baker plans to make changes to the state’s education budget in the upcoming year. He’ll aim to update this funding when he files his budget later this month. He plans to include better opportunities and programs for underperforming schools in his budget, too.

In addition to the school systems, Baker will aim to improve the MBTA transportation system. The state would like to spend approximately $8 billion on this infrastructure over the next five years, and though it may be a difficult task to stick with, Baker thinks it will be doable, and he knows and believes it will be worth it. Baker understands that disrupting the MBTA transportation system for renovations and improvements may prove to be a hassle in the daily commute but overcoming it will make the transportation stronger and easier to operate in the end.

Baker also addressed the housing crisis that some areas of the state are having. He reassured the public that he will start working on producing more living quarters as soon as he possibly can.

All in all, the Democratic legislative leaders accepted and received Baker’s address very well. Many of the topics that Baker discussed in his address were at the top of everyone else’s list, too.