BOSTON - Governor Charlie Baker paid a visit to the Souza-Baranowski Maximum Security Prison in Shirley over the weekend to check on the officers who were badly injured in a Friday morning attack.

As shared by Gov. Baker via Twitter, he was able to speak with the three officers who were attacked while working in general population by several prisoners, who are also Latin King gang members.

In disturbing video footage released of the incident, an officer is standing guard among several dozen prisoners when he is ambushed. After one prisoner attacks him, several others jump in, kicking and punching the corrections officer. Two other officers can then be seen trying to stop the incident before they are also attacked. All three sustained a range of injuries.

"One of the correction officers involved in this incident immediately radioed for assistance. Additional correction officers responded and within minutes secured the area," the Department of Correction said in a statement.

Following the attack, the Shirley prison was put on lockdown.

One of the officers who was attacked sustained a broken jaw, facial and head injuries. According to WCVB, that officer will undergo surgery.

Another officer, that can be seen in the video, sustained both neck and spinal injuries. He will also have to undergo surgery. Both officers were currently hospitalized as of Monday.

The third officer was said to be treated for unspecified injuries and has since been released from the hospital.

“Just like the men and women at Souza-Baranowski, it angers me,” said Massachusetts Correction Officers Federated Union Legislative Representative Kevin Flanagan.

According to the Department of Corrections, six of the inmates who were involved in the assault on the officers have since been removed from the unit where the attack took place.

"These inmates will be facing internal discipline, and DOC staff will provide the Worcester District Attorney’s Office with all available facts and evidence relating to the assaults," the department shared.

Image via Wikimedia Commons