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Gov. Baker & Other MA Officials Ring Salvation Army Bell in Wake of Declining Donations

Gov. Baker & Other MA Officials Ring Salvation Army Bell in Wake of Declining Donations

Boston, MA - On Thursday, December 20, 2018, three political officers took the stage, ringing the Salvation Army bell in hopes of gathering more donations than have come in recent weeks. The three political figures consist of Governor Charlie Baker, House Speaker Robert DeLeo, and Boston Police Commissioner William G. Gross. The three men were located in Downtown Crossing for the majority of the day. Salvation Army had stated that the donations were down this year from recent years by approximately 50%, a statistic that led Baker, DeLeo, and Gross to make a move.

The Red Kettles that the Salvation Army pulls out every year around the holidays is one of the most vital sources of donations and funding every year. It’s very pertinent that donations are collected to help fund the programming and services that were created and developed to help children, families, and seniors in need across Massachusetts.

This year, the Salvation Army Massachusetts Division had set a statewide Red Kettle goal of $3.5 million. According to many reports that have been conducted, the donations that have been brought in are extremely low in comparison to that of last year.

If anyone was downtown today between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., they would have seen one of the three political figures in action. Baker was in charge of the Red Kettle starting at 11 a.m., DeLeo took over at 12 p.m., and Gross manned the Kettle at 1 p.m. All shifts lasted an hour and they were all hosted outside of Macy’s downtown.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh had rung the bell last week sometime to help Salvation Army out, too.

Considering donations are down this year in Massachusetts, the Salvation Army is asking and encouraging any dollar amount from as many people as possible. In order to keep operations running smoothly, and in order to help those families in need this holiday season, the folks over at the Salvation Army are hoping and praying a good amount of donations will be received within the next couple of days leading up to Christmas.