Boston, MA - When President Donald Trump recently threw a DNA test jab at Elizabeth Warren, many GOP challengers responded to the comment.

Warren has faced controversy over identifying herself as American-Indian in recent years. She specifically addressed the issue, in public, in February, while she was giving a speech. She further stated that she is not a member of any specific tribe. She evidently learned of her Native American heritage when she was a little girl growing up in Oklahoma.

However, because she has claimed to be of American-Indian decent, President Trump has found it necessary to comment regarding the matter. He has often called her Pocahontas while mocking her undocumented claims of nationality.

In addition, Trump took the mocking much further at a July 5th campaign in Montana, stating that he would slowly toss a 2-ounce DNA kit at her if they meet on a debate stage. He would do so slowly, so not to injure her arm, and then he would donate $1 million dollars to the charity of her choice if she agreed to follow through with the test. In response to this comment, Warren has stated that she will not give into such nonsense, as she can only see Trump as a bully regarding the issue.

Now, many GOP challengers have had a lot to say about the incidence. For instance, candidate Beth Lindstrom has stated that she completely disagrees with the tone in President Trump's comment to Warren. In addition, Lindstrom strongly disagrees with the President on what she calls the three Ts, and they are tone, temperament, and Twitter.

On the other hand, Geoff Diehl has stated that Warren has brought this problem on herself for a variety of reasons, one being that she's more concerned with running for President than working for the state that elected her in the first place.

John Kingston, a third candidate running for Senate, stated his opinion, too. Kingston claimed that he thought the whole ordeal was just a "distraction." Kingston goes even further to say we, as a country, shouldn't be as worried and concerned as we are about such a minor issue; Instead, we should give more attention to the real problems of the nation, like that of health care and the opioid epidemic. Governor Charlie Baker agrees with Kingston, and states that President Trump has more important matters he should be focusing on.