BOSTON – Another day, another problem with the MBTA. It has been a terrible year to be someone who relies on public transportation in the Boston area and the solutions to these problems cannot come soon enough. When it comes to this problem, it is definitely on the minor side of things, even though it did send the MBTA bus operator to the hospital. At least, this issue was pretty much out of the control of those who operate the MBTA.

This week, a brand new obstacle was introduced to an MBTA bus driver when a goose flew into the windshield of one of the buses. The aftermath was photographed by one Twitter user, @SAhabibii.

The image showed a tow truck in Boston dispatched to assist the bus that had come to a stop after a goose hit the windshield of the bus and left a very large mark on the glass of the windshield. You can see from the image above that it is pretty clearly a goose-sized mark. However, it was not necessarily made clear that it was a goose at first. The MBTA replied to the user, thanked them for reaching out to the MBTA, and clarified that a bird had flown into the windshield.

Later, S.A. replied again and remarked that the bird was "massive," to which the MBTA replied again and wrote very humorously (albeit inadvertently so), "Bus Officials confirmed it was a goose." S.A. kept the exchange going with a gif from Top Gun of the Goose character. It's good to see the people of Boston having fun with the MBTA for once. I am sure whoever runs that Twitter account gets a lot of complaints, so it must be nice to have someone checking on the well-being of the MBTA for change.

Speaking of well-being, a spokesperson for the MBTA made it clear that the driver was evaluated at the hospital after the goose incident and was quickly released with a clean bill of health. There is no word on the goose's well-being, though, I imagine it would be: not great.

Photo by Kyle Van Alstyne on Unsplash