Boston, MA - The lawmakers in Massachusetts are considering a new gender on driver’s licenses; Instead of heaving “female” or “male” printed on your license, you now may have the option to use gender code “X,” stating you are neither genders. In other words, you classify yourself as you’d wish to be classified.

In addition to driver’s licenses, permit licenses will also have this option in the near supposed future, if the bill goes through entirely. Documentation would not be required to set this ‘gender code’ into play, it would simply go by request per person.

As of now, the Senate is debating the issue. Those who are debating and voting for or against the issue are encouraged to understand that this bill will be in support for transgender males and females.

As a matter of fact, there are some states that are already on board for this action to take place. California, Oregon, and Washington D.C. already allow the gender “X” to be printed on all driver’s licenses, permits, and state ID’s, according to government officials.

Prior to the meeting regarding the bill, Democratic Senator Karen Spilka will have a meeting regarding all the opinions on the matter. Specifically speaking, Spilka will discuss transgender and specific civil rights matters to her audiences. She would like if those in support of the bill, transgender rights, and civil rights were behind the new supposed law that could come into play in the near future.

If the bill is passed as the Senator wishes, the law will go into effect on the 1st of November this year. The House has not yet considered the bill, and they are starting to take into account the future of Americans regarding this issue.

Many people are up for debate on this issue. Some say they are not for it due to the fact that most licenses should simply state you’re a female or a male. Others state that they don’t care, it doesn’t affect their lives, so it shouldn’t affect those who have no opinion on the matter. We shall see how the situation turns out, though.

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