Arlington, MA - There’s been an entire slew of game-oriented restaurants opening up around the city during the past year. From classic video game focused eateries to competitive axe throwing bars. But what if your tastes in games tend to go a little further back? As in back to the old school? As in… board game old school?

That’s just the sort of niche Athena Peters is hoping to corner when she opens her board game themed restaurant Adventure Pub in Arlington later this week.

Peters—a self confessed gamer who recently left a 15 year career in the video game industry to open the restaurant—says she was inspired after visiting a similar establishment in Seattle.

“It was just a great place as a gamer,” she said. “This thought of this being all in one place was great. There wasn’t much of an option like it in the Boston area. I thought, Why not make one?”

However, if you’re attempting to recall a drunken game of Twister that landed you in the hospital 15 years ago, don’t. The focus at Adventure Pub is on board games; more specifically, over 300 of them, ranging from the classic to the family friendly to the more involved (and racier) modern innovations. Players are allowed one free complimentary game per visit. Players who wish to play additional games(or bring their own) are charged an additional $10—which is good for the whole evening.

However, it’s not solely the board games that Peters hopes will set Adventure Pub (which she describes a “gastro-gaming lounge”) apart; it’s the establishment of an employee-first focus. Adventure Pub offers staff a starting salary minimum of $15 per hour along with employee benefits, a focus she hopes will help shine a light on a common complaint among restaurant owners in the Commonwealth; the difficulty of retaining staff.

“Regardless of what industry you’re in, your employees should be able to have benefits,” she stated. “I’ve been inspired by really large restaurant groups, and with the changes in wage laws, it’s kind of a change that the restaurant industry is going to have to move into anyway.”

The menu is overseen by co-founder and head chef Jason Smith and focuses on small tapas-style plates, including Korean BBQ beef skewers, vegetable tempura, sliders and small charcuterie boards; essential to help maximize room on the table for games.

While there is no liquor license currently, Adventure Pub is looking to obtain one shortly next year for full service.

Adventure Pub is located at 190 Massachusetts Ave in Arlington and is open Wednesday - Friday from 2:00 pm - 12:00 am and Saturday - Sunday from 11:00 am - 12:00 am. For more information, visit