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Friday's Headlines: May 24, 2019

Friday's Headlines: May 24, 2019

Replacement Plans for the Cape Cod Bridges
Cape Cod’s Sagamore Bridge and the Bourne Bridge are both over 80 years old. State engineers and transit authorities are working on plans to replace the bridges within the next six years, with potential for an improved highway system leading to the bridges. [CBS Boston]

Boston Calling Music Festival Line-Up
The three-day music festival begins today at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston. If you can, take public transportation to get there, because traffic and parking will be a mess. Check out the link for more tips to make the most of your festival experience. [Boston.com]

Recently Retired NFL DE Chris Long Says Medicinal Marijuana Should Be Allowed
After announcing his retirement this month, Chris Long says that he used marijuana during his NFL career to treat stress. Long says that the League should allow players to use cannabis for pain and stress treatment, arguing that it’s less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes. [CBS]

Swastika Graffiti Found on Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Police are searching for leads to find the person(s) responsible for hate-filled graffiti on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester. State police believe that the incident took place in the early hours last night. [MassLive]

Massachusetts Judges Protest the Indictment of Judge Shelley Joseph, Accused of Obstruction of Justice for Defying ICE
Last month, Newton District Court Judge Shelley Joseph was indicted on federal charges for allegedly allowing an illegal immigrant to leave through a back door, rather than through the front door where she knew an ICE agent was waiting for him. A letter has been signed by 78 retired Massachusetts judges in protest of the federal charge, arguing it is a constitutional violation of state sovereignty as outlined in the 10th amendment. Joseph just declined a plea deal that would have meant no criminal charges. [TheHill]

New England Aquarium Surprised By Baby Anacondas
In an exhibit of all-female anacondas, caretakers at the New England Aquarium did not expect to find babies. But anacondas are among the species capable of asexual reproduction, known as parthenogenesis or "virgin birth." [WHDH]

Image via Wikimedia Commons / John Phelan