Salem Cancels Halloween & Other Festivities.

With COVID cases seeing a second surge, the iconic town's officials have asked visitors to kindly stay away, canceling festivities. [WCVB]

Update: Latest Coronavirus Cases In Massachusetts.

As of Friday, health officials reported 1,488 new COVID-19 cases and 23 new deaths. [WCVB]

Mayor Walsh Urges Boston Residents To Get Tested For COVID.

As cases increase, Mayor Walsh would like to see all residents tested as the daily reported cases reach over 1,000 infected. [Patch]

Foxwoods To Open Casino's Theater.

The Grand Theater will reopen with live music after being shut down for months. [Masslive]

Boston Police Get Ready For Election Day.

Boston Police are prepping for possible protests in and around the city. [Patch]

The McDonald's McRib Is Making A Comeback.

The famous rib sandwich hasn't been a menu offering in 8 years. []

The Town Who Received The Most Snow?

While Boston received quite a bit if snow, Webster saw 5 inches plus of snow on Friday. [Masslive]

Image via Wikimedia Commons