Cambridge, MA - When police officials raided an apartment located in Cambridge early yesterday morning, they allegedly found a most wanted fugitive from New Hampshire. While raiding the home, they also found guns, bullet-proof vests, drugs, and ammunition.

The most-wanted fugitive, along with three other men, were all arrested on site. The four men – Matthew Haley, age 26, Standly Miranda, age 26, Hardy Quintin, age 32, and Dante Conner, age 20 – were all in the apartment at the time of the raid. They were all arrested on various charges. According to reports, all four men live together at 216 Franklin St., Apt. 3.

Massachusetts State Troopers, along with several other law enforcement workers, raided the home in Cambridge on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. The reason for the raid was due to Matthew Haley’s reported violation of parole. The most-wanted fugitive was on parole for his previous conviction on assault and battery with a weapon when he violated it.

When the troopers and officials entered the apartment, they found not only Haley but also another most-wanted fugitive of the week. Accompanying them were the other two men. All four men were then charged with several charges. Amongst these charges were possession of a dangerous weapon, possession of narcotics, and possession of ammunition to use with a rifle and handgun.

The investigation regarding the raid started back in June 2018. The investigation started due to Haley violating his parole due to prior convictions concerning his assault and battery case. A warrant was then issued immediately after violation for his arrest.

Lynn police officers were not the only police officials involved in the hunt for Haley. The Somerville and Cambridge police departments along with law enforcement agencies joined in to get Haley off the streets as soon as possible.

Sentencing has yet to be released and court dates have yet to be determined. No police officers were harmed during or after the raid in the apartment. All weapons were confiscated and not one of the weapons was used on any persons involved, leading there to be no injuries on site.