Lynn, MA - Four individuals were recently accused of breaking and entering the local Lynn English High School, where they caused extreme chaos for the weekend.

The Lynn high school had an alarm, Principal Thomas Strangie assured reporters, but the alarm was not activated during this time. Because the alarm was not activated, it made it easier for the children to enter the building. One kid climbed up into the school by an unlocked window, and made his way to the back door of the building to let his friends in. Once they were in, they decided to come and go as they desired, leaving the school trashed throughout the weekend.

When interviewed, Principal Strangie accused these four kids of severe property damage. Supposedly, the kids were seen as being at fault for driving the schools wax machine through a wall, spray-painting other walls, throwing trash around the halls, and spilling soda and coffee throughout the school. While doing all of this, video cameras caught sight of each kid laughing, as if they enjoyed the damage they were causing the school.

After an entire weekend of chaos, the kids were caught in the act. A coach of the school was walking through the halls on Sunday night and noticed all kinds of destruction. Once the surveillance videos were looked over, officials determined that the four kids in the back of the school playing basketball were the ones at fault.

Though this was a breaking and entering crime along with a destruction of property crime, only one out of the four children is able to be properly charged. The other three kids are unable to be charged with the harm they unleashed on the school due to the new Massachusetts law in place that states no child 12-years-old and younger may be arrested. As one child was 13-years-old, the other three were of other ages, including a 10-year-old and two 11-year-olds.

After the incident was made known to the public, parents grew outraged. They wondered how such young children could do so much damage.

Despite parents’ and teachers’ commentary on the matter, Lynn Mayor Thomas McGee wants to believe that these children, and surrounding children, can learn from this incident. Even still, the 13-year-old involved will be arraigned in juvenile court. Though the mess at the school is still being cleaned up, the cost of the damage thus far has not been released to the public as of yet.