Foxborough, MA– The New England Patriots are the great football dynasty of the 21st century, and there's no denying that the team has had a number of players who play the field, romantically-speaking. We've watched star-studded relationships blossom, like Tom Brady's years-long romance and now 10-year marriage to supermodel Gisele Bundchen. One particular relationship falls into more of the on again/off again category, however.

Former Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola, who was an instrumental figure in many clutch games for the team, including Super Bowl LI, has been observed to be in a relationship, at various times, with Olivia Culpo, a former Miss Universe and Miss USA pageant winner. The two have had a roller coaster relationship that is well chronicled, but it seems like that pairing is toast, according to USA Today.

In a lengthy, rambling Instagram post (now deleted), Amendola ranted about Culpo and her interest in social media. He condemned her for her obsession with social media, explaining that he is a private person (which is an ironic comment, considering he's airing these grievances on Instagram, you know) and this fundamental difference was impossible to overcome. At one point in the message, he wrote, "Reading all these wild stories about her and I, and seeing Olivia with other men, I just wanted to personally clear the air out here. We've been on and off for a long time and not together as of late!" The rant got even weirder when he started mentioning his sex life with Culpo.

Amendola deleted the post almost immediately and then later posted an apology on Instagram with a picture of a lion and a caption that included, "I take blame for the miscommunication! Good vibes only from me!"

It was definitely a weird story line for the current Detroit Lions wideout, but the comment section on the post is entertaining because you can see some former teammates like Julian Edelman giving Amendola a hard time for the brouhaha. Hopefully, Amendola got whatever he needed to off his chest, because TMI, man.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Jeffrey Beall