LAS VEGAS - During his career with the Patriots as one of the standout defensive linemen in the early years of the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era, Richard Seymour was one of the toughest playmakers there was. His ability to stop the plays of opposing offenses before they even had a chance to garner some momentum was uncanny and unparalleled. Now, however, during his retirement years, Seymour has turned his keen eye for breaking down a rushing game into a keen eye for cards.

A three-time Super Bowl champion, Seymour is now taking the world of poker by storm as he was an active participant in the World Series of Poker in 2019. Seymour racked up a laudable five day run at the tournament where he rose in the rankings as high as 35th place. He was a very small amount of money away from securing a spot in the top ten players.

Seymour's poker career winnings total over $600,000. As for his entry position in this year’s main event at the World Series, Seymour ended up wrapping things up on the tournament’s sixth day with a total of $59,295, which is nothing to scoff at. He ultimately finished in 131st place.

Between, Seymour’s new career as an All-Star caliber poker player and Mookie Betts’ perennial success in the bowling alley, it could be safe to say that Boston is becoming the new home for athletes who are talented in popular sports as well as sports that only air on ESPN at 3:00 AM on a Tuesday.

Image via Wikimedia / Keith Allison