BOSTON – Dana Pullman, the former president of the Massachusetts State Police union, was arrested on Wednesday, alongside the top state lobbyist for the union (the State Police Association of Massachusetts, or SPAM), Anne Lynch.

Pullman and Lynch were both taken into custody after being arrested by the FBI at their homes in the early morning hours and charged with federal conspiracy, wire fraud and obstruction.

Pullman is accused of persuading firms to hire Lynch’s lobbying firm. In exchange for his work, Lynch paid Pullman thousands of dollars. The two are also said to have manipulated financial records for their benefit.

Pullman is also being accused of spending roughly $75k of the union’s funds, according to USA Today. The 57-year-old used the organization’s debit card to pay for trips with his unnamed mistress at the time, lavish meals, flowers, a down payment on a new fully loaded vehicle, even purchases through iTunes.

"Entrusted with representing the interests of Massachusetts state police, troopers and sergeants, Pullman, with Lynch's help, betrayed that trust to line his own pockets with association funds," U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts Andrew Lelling shared during a press conference held today to announce the arrest and charges against Pullman and Lynch.

"In fact, since the union's primary source of income is the dues of its members, Pullman essentially took money from the pockets of fellow state police."

Pullman and Lynch are accused of committing the fraudulent acts between 2012 and 2018. Their activities where discovered by authorities accidentally who were looking into political contributions made to the union, per the Boston Globe.  

“As president of SPAM, we believe Pullman wielded the union like a criminal enterprise, running it like an old school mob boss, conspiring with Lynch to steal tens of thousands of dollars from its members and the Commonwealth,” said FBI Boston Special Agent Joseph Bonavolonta.

Adding, “In carrying out their schemes, they crossed over the thin blue line to committing felonies.”

Following their arrest on Wednesday morning, Lynch and Pullman appeared in Boston federal court where the judge released them both on bail, banning them from travel. Both surrendered their passports.

Speaking through his lawyer, Pullman denies all of the allegations against him.

Lynch and Pullman, who resigned back in September from the union following an investigation into the State Police and an abuse of overtime, both face a maximum jail sentence of 20 years.