Boston, MA - A former Boston police officer has recently been convicted by a federal jury of illegally purchasing handguns for his civilian acquaintances. One allegedly ended up in the hands of a gang member.

According to officials, Boston Police Officer Adarbaad Karani, age 38, was convicted by a federal jury. The federal jury stated that Karani had used his professional credentials to purchase two handguns for a couple of people that he knew. The U.S. Attorney’s office stated Monday that he was found guilty of the crime he had committed.

In addition to purchasing the guns for illegal use, Karani allegedly chose to lie about why he was purchasing the guns in the first place. The gun sellers had said that Karani lied about why he was purchasing the guns. This led the courts to charge the Boston police officer with two counts of providing a false statement to the gun sellers, and officials, which is illegal to do. According to gun law, you must provide a valid reasoning as to why you’re buying the gun. You must also have your gun license and credentials, and you are not allowed to sell the gun illegally.

Unfortunately, it did not stop here for Karani; he went on to give the jury more false information. According to officials, the police officer made false statements about the purchasing of the guns on record, therefore allowing the courts to charge him with two counts on the matter.

Federal prosecutors called Karani a “straw purchaser” for purchasing two Glock pistols back in 2015. In each of these cases, the Boston police officer had used his identification and credentials to buy the handguns, stating that the weapons were for official use in the field. This was not the case. And, these specific guns, the Glock pistols that Karani purchased, are not legally allowed to be sold to civilians in the state of Massachusetts.

Though the purchases led Adarbaad Karani to be convicted, his lawyer still fought for him, stating that the purchases were indeed legal.

As of now, Karani is to face up to 10 years in prison with fines up to $250,000 on each count. He is said to be sentenced in December 2018.