BOSTON – Former Boston College student Inyoung You has officially been charged in the death of her late boyfriend Alexander Urtula.

The 21-year-old You has been charged with of manslaughter for encouraging her boyfriend Urtula, also a BC student at the time, to commit suicide.

The Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins announced the indictment of You, who is currently in South Korea after leaving Boston College her junior year.

The DA hopes that You will return to the United States and turn herself in, according to Patch Boston.

"If she does not, we will utilize the power we have to get her back," Rollins stated.

Alexander Urtula killed himself on the day of his graduation after enduring You’s relentless and abusive efforts to get him to commit suicide during their 18-month relationship.

As shared during the case, You sent over 47,000 text messages in just two months prior to the 22-year-old taking his own life that became "more frequent, more powerful and more demeaning,” according to District Attorney Rachael Rollins.

In some of the messages You told Urtula to "go die", telling the New Jersey native that the world would be better off without him.

"Students come to Boston from around the world to attend our renowned colleges and universities," Rollins said. "They are eager to learn and experience our vibrant city. Their families and loved ones do not expect them to face unending physical and mental abuse."

Aside from the thousands of text messages sent by You that was admitted into evidence, Urtula documented the abuse in his journal. Family and friends also witnessed You’s abusive behavior.

"She was aware of his suicidal thoughts," Rollins said, "and she encouraged him to take his own life."

Eventually Urtula took his own life on May 20 by jumping off of the roof of a Roxbury parking garage just hours before he was to walk at his college graduation, according to NBC. You is said to have been in the same parking garage as Urtula when he died.

Image courtesy of Suffolk County DA's office