BOSTON - Earlier this week, we wrote about the various events taking place in Boston over the course of the next month that aim to commemorate the fact that February is Black History Month. There is so much history in this city and so much culture that, of course, there will be something for everyone to take in as they embrace the heritage and diversity of all, but especially of black Americans.

This year, because of the Leap Day on February 29, Black History Month is a little bit longer, giving you even more time to wander down corridors in Boston you might not have otherwise. One of the best examples of these paths is the Boston Black Restaurant Challenge. This is an event that has taken place in many other cities and it has been running in Boston every February since 2018. It was founded by Chynah Tyler, one of the state representatives from Massachusetts, as a means of encouraging patrons to support local restaurants that were owned and operated by black residents.

It has been orchestrated in the hopes of helping black communities, families, and entrepreneurs succeed in the face of statistics that point to overwhelming failures. The Boston Black Restaurant Challenge aims to curb these failures by propping up restaurants that might not have been given a fair shake otherwise.

But what is the challenge aspect? The BBRC lists a large number of restaurants owned by black people in Boston and it challenges locals to eat at four of them during the month in February. There is also an incentive for whoever eats at the most: a catering award!

This year's list is the largest ever compiled and it will hopefully help many rough financial situations get a little bit better during the dead of winter in Boston. So many of these restaurants could flourish if they are given a fair shot and the BBRC helps spread the word of mouth to eateries that might otherwise go overlooked.

There are so many different styles of food provided in the list of Boston restaurants, but a few great places to start include Dorchester's Juice and Jazz Cafe, Murl's Kitchen, and Island Style Jamaican Restaurant. In downtown Boston, Larry J's BBQ has received extremely high marks. Roxbury's District 7 Tavern, South End's MIDA, and Brookline's Rhythm N' Wraps make for just a few great places to begin.

Image via Yelp