WEST NEWTON - Imagine it. Fruity, flavorful glasses of wine from countries like Australia, Italy, France, and more, poured to smooth perfection. Delicious cocktails, tailor-made to send your taste buds into a sense of delight that they didn't know they could get from alcohol. These refreshing, unique adult beverages paired so well with a scrumptious charcuterie board. The zesty crunch of a dill pickle spear, the lovely explosion of fruit juices from a strawberry, the cool, refreshing snap of a cucumber, and the savory, can't-stop-eating-it cheese and meats.

This is the kind of mouth-watering experience you can expect to receive from Flora's Wine Bar, which is slated to open in West Newton very soon.

When Corey Fletcher and Andrew Li, the food entrepreneurs behind Beer Mobile decided to move into West Newton's former Coney Island location to open up a business headquarters, they also decided to go all-in on Flora's Wine Bar, a new semi-restaurant that will live up to its name, ash shared by Boston.com.

At this spot, they do not have a full kitchen, so even if they wanted to serve more than cocktails and charcuterie, they couldn't. They are truly limited by their circumstances, but this is often known as when the best creations come out. With limited options, there is no doubt that Fletcher and Li will put together a spread for diners that will rock their taste buds.

When Flora's finally opens its doors to the world, it will operate on a weekly basis, closing on Mondays and allowing for extra time on Fridays and Saturdays.

There is no official opening date for Flora's Wine Bar, but it is expected to be quite literally any day now. According to Chuck Tanowitz of Village 14, the local news source for Newton, Massachusetts, Flora's Wine Bar could be open as early as this weekend. When they say "opening soon," they mean it. The only thing standing between the locals and the new wine bar is the fact that an inspection needs to be conducted first. Once the inspection is passed, though, Flora's is cleared to open with its half-kitchen, authentic wine bar stylings.

Image via Yelp