BOSTON — Transportation between the two biggest cities in the northeast region just got exponentially easier thanks to the introduction of a German-based bus company.

Flixbus, a company that prides itself on its low fares and high speeds, was officially introduced in Boston yesterday. The service offers rides from Boston to New York for only five dollars, which is undeniably remarkable in its affordability. Service will be provided from Tufts University in Boston and it will bring passengers to the heart of Manhattan at a fast rate. Obviously, five dollars is quite unsustainable and Flixbus did acknowledge that the price will eventually increase, but it was such a steal that I had to write about it. As someone who appreciates cheap bus connections between the two cities, Flixbus does it right.

There are also trips to Washington, D.C. from Boston that clock in around the ten to fifteen dollar range, in terms of cost.

This whole system honestly reminds me of OurBus. Back in April, I purchased a bus ticket with the OurBus company and it said that it would take me from Union Station in Worcester, Massachusetts to the Port Authority Bus Station in New York City, New York for only seven dollars. As it was a great deal, I jumped on it, but when I arrived at Union, the employees said they did not affiliate with OurBus and I was forced to find an obscure street corner near the station where the bus picked up its passengers from the sidewalk.

I thought this was sketchy and I tried to find some information about OurBus online. With only glowing reviews to support it, I decided to embark on the journey anyway. When a bus showed up, it was from the Coach Company and that was when I realized that OurBus was the one selling the tickets, but not shuttling the passengers. It's like how you can buy concert tickets from Jason Mraz's website or from Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster is the middle man and so was OurBus. I ended up getting to New York in just three hours (somehow).

Photo by Matteo Maretto on Unsplash