BOSTON - The best news about airports and airplanes is no news. When everything is running smoothly, no one should be privy to what is transpiring between airports as flights arriving regularly on time should not make headlines. Unfortunately, there was some news that came out of an airplane traveling out of Boston, but on the plus side, it did not have an unhappy ending. It just has a lesson in caution going forward that will behoove all air travelers and the pilots and airport officials who help make it happen.


On Friday night, an airplane made an emergency landing in New York after it was reported by airport officials and the pilots on board that oil pressure issues were diverting the plane and its resources. With wariness dominating the treatment of this plane and its safety, it made the emergency landing at Syracuse Hancock International Airport in Syracuse, New York around 7:30 P.M. on Friday night. The flight was from Delta under the number of 2531 and according to CNYCentral and the officials who commented on the story, it had left Logan Airport in Boston and was en route to Los Angeles International Airport.


Fortunately, everyone on board the plane was okay and the airplane itself was being evaluated by technicians. The runway was dotted with emergency lights that flashed to alert other planes to the change on the runway. Additionally, per reports, Interstate 81 was blocked because of the change in landing plans from Delta 2531. This particular route features an airport exit and the closure of it was merely precautionary. It was better to act with extreme safety, rather than taking unnecessary risks.


This particular instance comes after Logan Airport was ranked number fifteenth in the nation among all major airports. One of the categories it scored lowly in was flights departing and arriving on time. I don’t believe that this particular flight would count against its score or if Los Angeles International will be the one subject to the penalty. Regardless, the thing that matters most is that no one was hurt in the instance and that everything is safe.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons