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Flight Club: A "Social Darts" Experience Coming to the Seaport District

Flight Club: A "Social Darts" Experience Coming to the Seaport District

Boston, MA– In the realm of barroom sports, the game of darts still remains king. Trends may come—competitive axe throwing, retro video games, skee ball—and trends may go, but for many people darts remain an essential drinking pastime. It requires dexterity, speed, judgement and the ability to discard all three because you signed a liability waiver after consuming your fourth glass of Jameson.

Locally, darts have always been confined to relatively nondescript holes in the wall. Musty, anonymous sanctuaries where your feet stick to the floor and the smell of cigarettes is permanently lodged into the framework. The sort of places where no one knows what your name is, and frankly we’d prefer to keep it that way.

Flight Club hopes to change that.

The UK-based chain announced earlier this week plans to open their second domestic outpost in the Seaport District. The concept of Flight Club (which claims to have “reinvented darts for the twenty first century” with the slogan of “social darts”) reimagines the traditional concept of darts into “a social experience like no other,” according to their website. “We’ve lovingly created beautifully designed venues, serving bespoke cocktails from our award-winning bars as well as delicious sharing food for groups of all sizes.”

So, basically King’s. Only British. And not potentially Mob-run.

The multi-player games are confined to designated areas rented by both half hour and full hour intervals, tracked by instant scoring and electronic tracking devices. And it’s a social media-centric concept that proved successful enough in Flight Club’s three UK locations to warrant a fourth establishment in Chicago in 2017, where competitors can enjoy surf and turf sashimi and oysters Rockefeller over a flute of Prosecco. No date has been revealed for the opening of the Boston location.

It’s the brainchild of Adam Breeden, a 43-year-old entrepreneur whose other ventures include a UK-based “social ping pong experience” called Bounce and a similar miniature golf venture called Puttshack, which he dubbed “The world's finest mini golf experience” which he hopes to debut here in the States later this year.

“I wouldn’t have launched Flight Club just as a darts venue,” Breeden told the Chicago Tribune in 2017. “We created technology to unlock the game play, and then we focus-group it very forensically.”

“My favorite part of the business is creating new, shiny things, and just product, experience and detail. What goes into making something great is attention to detail, and I think when you really take that very seriously and apply it to innovation as well, you can come out with something quite special.”

Forensically. Focus groups. Innovation. Game on.

For more information, visit flightclubdarts.com/