BOSTON - In recent years, the average bar that served as a hangout spot and a weekend destination for friends looking to kick back and grab a couple drinks has stagnated in terms of its popularity. People still enjoy going to bars, but now, they are looking for something a little different, something a little extra. It is no longer enough to serve drinks late into the evening. Now, people want elements of entertainment in their nighttime lifestyles. And to answer the call, many creative ideas for as continue to spring up.

I'm talking more than just sports bars or karaoke bars, though. I'm talking about bars that theme themselves around some sort of game. Earlier this year, an ax-throwing bar was the talk of the town as it arrived in Boston. On Friday, a bar centered around the activity of throwing something else opened in the Seaport and is slated to become a top flocking point for nearby residents.

Flight Club is a bar that also has eleven spots where you can play a game of darts. This is no average game of darts that you'd see in any dive or pub. This is a high-tech system of darts with automatic scoring and instant data and tracking technology. It allows for the system to do all the work while the people with alcohol don't have to worry about math or arguments about where the dart landed, as per

Located in the Seaport, Flight Club also features a number of interesting menu offerings such as yuzu guacamole with chips, juicy double burgers topped with red onion marmalade, as well as classic favorites; local clam chowder and grilled salmon. The opening was on Friday, but the grand opening is slated to occur today when the bar opens from noon to midnight. It is the second location of Flight Club in the U.S., with the other one coming to Chicago in 2018. There are also five spots in England with a Flight Club.

The first rule of Flight Club, though, is that you cannot talk about Flight Club. Only joking, of course. The first rule is probably something about darts. The proprietors of Flight Club almost certainly want you to talk up the spot to your friends as much as possible.

Image via Wikimedia Commons