LAWRENCE - It has not been a good week for the town of Lawrence, Massachusetts in the greater Boston area. For one, bridges in Lawrence remain closed from the instances of trucks striking bridge beams when they are too tall. (Of course, the ineptitude of some trucks to pass low clearances in Lawrence does not compare to those on Storrow Drive, but it is still unfortunate, regardless.) For another, Lawrence recently ranked high on a survey of which towns in Massachusetts have the most residents lacking health insurance. Now, Wednesday morning has brought yet another unfortunate Lawrence-based story to the forefront and it is still ongoing and developing, too.

A massive structural fire has been ongoing in Lawrence this morning and it is still going despite being under management from the Lawrence fire department. Currently, no injuries have been reported from the incident, which is definitely a relief. As for the cause of the structural fire, which has been seen from a residential community and emanating from a single home, it remains unclear. But fire department officials and firefighters have been seen managing the fire from industrial ladders. Additionally, firefighters are also surveying the fire from above.

The fire in Lawrence was first picked up by NBC Boston and live footage of the fire and smoke has been captured by the Sky Ranger Helicopter from NBC10 Boston.

Per WBZ and CBS Boston, all people have been warned to avoid the area in Lawrence that is on fire, which was pinpointed to be on Haverhill Street. The fire has also been classified as a second alarm instance. People at the scene have also noted trouble with water services and numerous frames engulfed by the raging flames. Amesbury Street is also said to be avoided by officials.

The fire is obviously unfortunate and devastating for all involved, but for now we can at least take solace in the fact that it seems to be under control and the people involved seem to be unscathed.