Boston, MA– Ever since the NFL and MLB expanded their post-season rounds, there has been debate in the NBA about whether or not basketball should open the playoffs up to 20 teams, in total, rather than just 16. Critics of this proposal are against the idea of so many different teams getting the chance to play for a championship.

When it comes to college football, however, this is clearly not a problem, as the month-long series of bowl games for the sport is set to expand by 2020 from 40 bowl games, including the College Football Playoff National Championship, to 43. This expansion results in 84 college football teams playing in the post-season, out of the 130 total organizations. If you thought over half of NBA teams making the playoffs was a bit much, then how do you feel about 65 percent of all college football teams getting a crack at the post-season?

Well, chances are if you are a Fenway Park employee who has nothing to do during the winter when the Boston Red Sox are not playing, then you are happy about this news! After the success of a few other college football games, and the occasional Winter Classic, Fenway Park has been named the host site for one of these three new bowl games, the names of which have yet to be announced, according to Brett McMurphy of Stadium.

Teams will definitely want to avoid playing in the cold of winter in Boston, but unless they are from two specific conferences, they won't have to worry about this Fenway Park date with the elements. The game is slated to be a match between representatives from the ACC and AAC conferences, which boast some competent teams, but none of the heavy hitters, for sure.

With this announcement, Fenway will become the third MLB stadium to host a bowl game, joining Yankee Stadium's Pinstripe Bowl and Chase Field's Cheez-It Bowl. It'll be great to have some college football bowl games in Boston because we all know that seeing a Massachusetts college football team play in one is pretty rare!