Boston, MA– As the month of June steadily creeps up on us, so too does the holiday of Father’s Day. For certain members of the Boston Red Sox (which, like every other team, becomes festooned in blue on Father’s Day to raise awareness for prostate cancer), this year’s Father’s Day is going to be extra special because they will be experiencing it in a brand new way.

One of the team’s catchers, Sandy Leon, was recently on paternity leave to be with his wife, Liliana, after the birth of their daughter. She is absolutely adorable and you can see an image of her on Leon’s Instagram, which has a post accompanied with the hashtag, “#babynahomy.”

Leon’s first child, Noah, came in 2017, but now the couple has added a baby girl to their family and the entirety of Red Sox Nation is certainly thrilled for the team’s catcher.

Another catcher from Boston is also experiencing the train of fatherhood ahead of Father’s Day, albeit in a slightly different way. Catcher Christian Vazquez has been having an awesome season at the plate and behind it so far in 2019, and his year got even better when he found that he was also going to be a father by the end of the year! After Vazquez married his girlfriend, Gabriela Otero, during the off-season in Puerto Rico last year, it was only a matter of time before that couple also decided to grow their family. A recent Instagram post confirmed this, as well!

Sheesh, how adorable is that? Dogs plus babies? It does not get any cuter! He may not be a full father by Father’s Day, but Vazquez will certainly experience those happy feelings, right alongside his catching counterpart this year! Congratulations to all.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash