Boston, MA - The Ingraham family, specifically William Ingraham, is angry and devastated at what happened just a few days ago; according to sources, someone had stolen his car with all the family’s Christmas presents in it.

According to reports, William went inside a family members house in Dedham to get his wife and 4-year-old daughter. While he quickly went into the home, he had left his car running, which just so happened to have the family’s Christmas presents in it. When he came outside, the car had already disappeared.

Ingraham immediately ran inside and told all of his family members to, “Stop playing with me,” but everyone in the house had been confused on what he had meant. When he stated that the car was gone, everyone in the household immediately went into panic mode.

After investigators took a look around the scene and spoke with some of the neighbors, they found that one witness saw the 2008 white Volkswagen Jetta taking a turn onto Bussey Street.

All in all, the person who stole the car left the family with no ride to get anywhere and no Christmas gifts for the little, 4-year-old girl.

The 4-year-old little girl is very upset that her presents are missing. She doesn’t understand why someone could take her family’s car and her Christmas presents and she doesn’t seem to think the entire situation is fair at all. It saddens many locals from both the Dedham area and the Middleboro area (where the family originally resides).

In response to all his little girl’s comments, Ingraham stated that the man stole the car and the presents because “He’s a bad person.”

Shortly after the incident occurred, Ingraham headed down to the Dedham Police Department to file a report.

The car was later recovered by police. Surprisingly, it was found with all of the gifts still within. Perhaps this Grinch's heart grew that day.