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Family Pleads for Return of 6-Year Old's Stolen Wheelchair

Family Pleads for Return of 6-Year Old's Stolen Wheelchair

Brighton, MA - Many have been appalled to find out the a young girl's wheelchair was stolen from the six year old's house in Brighton. The family is now asking fellow Bostonians to help them recover the daily necessity for their handicapped daughter.

On Friday morning, Gabriella Rodriguez, noticed that her daughter's wheelchair was stolen. She told WHDH that she "checked inside, checked all over the basement. It wasn't there. Called everyone; that's when I realized it was gone. It was just gone" and continued to explain that the wheelchair is left outside on the porch of their apartment, because they are unable to get the wheelchair up the stairs of the complex, and she realized it must have been stolen from there.

The wheelchair is a very important item for her six year old daughter, Milyah Roberts, as it is completely life-saving for her. During her birth, Maliyah went without any oxygen for six minutes and did not have a heartbeat for eighteen minutes. Despite the miracle that she survived, Maliyah currently suffers from chronic brain damage and cannot walk by herself. Rodriquez's family told WHDH that Maliyah legally cannot get on her school bus without the wheelchair, and therefore she is going to be unable to attend her summer camp so long as her customized wheelchair is away from her. The family did contant their insurance company, but they stated the first chair took six months to receive-- and that would assumably drastically set back Maliyah's physical and emotional health.

Despite the horrid thought of someone stealing a little girl's wheelchair, one beautiful moment came about as two donors without revealed identities dropped wheelchairs off for Maliyah to try to utilize in the meantime. The tweet from 7News reporter Nicole Oliverio can be seen below. Although, I am not too sure if the wheelchair grants Maliyah accessibility to her everyday routine as it is not her customized one.